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avatar for Moulsari Jain - Artist

Moulsari Jain - Artist

Artist, designer , speaker & coach / Curator, art historian & writer
avatar for Femke Bartels

Femke Bartels

THNK School of Creative Leadership
Managing Director
avatar for Constanca Belchior

Constanca Belchior

THNK Faculty, BSc Marine Biology, MS Environmental Sciences // THNKer...
avatar for Kaz Brecher

Kaz Brecher

Innovation and Leadership Catalyst // THNKer AMS Class 2
avatar for Michelle Chakkalackal

Michelle Chakkalackal

THNKer AMS Class 7
avatar for Avinash Changa

Avinash Changa

Founder, CEO WeMakeVR. Immersive Experiences writer and director.
avatar for Mandy Chooi

Mandy Chooi

Complex Human Systems; Organization Design; Leadership Growth
avatar for Timea Andrea Lelik - Curator

Timea Andrea Lelik - Curator

Curator, art historian & writer
avatar for Kaouthar Darmoni

Kaouthar Darmoni

FeMale Leadership & Feminine Capital Game Changer, Gender Expert,...
avatar for Harald Friedl

Harald Friedl

Circle Economy
Chief Executive Officer // THNKer AMS Class 9
avatar for Yuri van Geest

Yuri van Geest

SingularityU The Netherlands
avatar for Bjarte Hiley

Bjarte Hiley

Transformational Embodiment Coach
avatar for Agavni Jessaijan

Agavni Jessaijan

Creative Concept Developer, Organizational & Cultural Change...
avatar for Edgar Kampers

Edgar Kampers

Qoin Foundation
Chief Currency Officer // THNKer LIS Class 5
avatar for Ina Kukovič

Ina Kukovič

Leadership Facilitator and Coach
avatar for Maria Lettini

Maria Lettini

Director, FAIRR Initiative
avatar for Sérgio Lopo

Sérgio Lopo

City Currency Management Group
Chief Operation Officer // THNKer LIS Class 6
avatar for Joel Monk

Joel Monk

Leadership Coach
avatar for Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Chief Development Officer @ Qoin Foundation
avatar for Gil Penha-Lopes

Gil Penha-Lopes

Researcher, Lecturer and Activist in climate change and...
avatar for Jaron Reisman

Jaron Reisman

Leadership coach and trainer // THNKer AMS Class 9
avatar for Olga Romanillos

Olga Romanillos

Leadership Facilitator and Coach
avatar for Laura Talsma

Laura Talsma

Entrepreneur, Consultant // THNKer AMS Class 7
avatar for Lemarc Thomas

Lemarc Thomas

Chief Love Officer Matchmaking Expert and Relationship Coach
avatar for Paul van ‘t Veld

Paul van ‘t Veld

Leadership Facilitator and Coach
avatar for Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders

Designer & Art Director
avatar for Rod Ben Zeev

Rod Ben Zeev

Faculty THNK